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Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity. Depending on the context, these characteristics may include biological sex i. Some societies have specific genders besides "man" and "woman", such as the hijras of South Asia ; these are often referred to as third genders and fourth genders , etc. Sexologist John Money introduced the terminological distinction between biological sex and gender as a role in Before his work, it was uncommon to use the word gender to refer to anything but grammatical categories.
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I am writing this essay in a retrospective response mainly to radical feminists like Adrienne Rich, Helene Cixous or Andrea Dworkin, who in their essays Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Experience The Laugh of the Medusa and Pornography: Men Possessing Women see men as the greatest enemy and advocate taking a critical stance towards heterosexual feminists, thus campaigning for lesbianism. I will do so against criticism based on the bland world of the n euter androgynous society of The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula LeGuin who in it anticipates unisexism and prospectively addresses this matter. Poststructuralist feminists like Simon de Beauvoir and Kate Millet have performed feats of ground-breaking critical thought establishing feminism as a method of literary analysis deconstructing patriarchal myths and offering a fresh perspective of reading writers like Norman Mailer, D. Lawrence or Henry Miller. We must admit, however, that as a movement as regards social structure and mentality, feminism has passed the critical point which would grant equal rights and opportunities to both men and women, which goes to show that living in a gendered society innately presupposes a perpetual imbalance, the scales weighing in one direction or the other at any given point in time. If we were living in a patriarchal society until recently, we can now safely say that lots of countries have established feminist legislation and that it not only favors women over men, but is equally detrimental to both sexes inhibiting them in their relationship with each other and, in fact, resulting in the emergence of the third sex - gay culture and unisexism.
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Content type: Research. Burchell, Troy Grennan and Irving E. Citation: International Journal for Equity in Health 18 There has been an increasing number of refugee women globally; yet, there is little recent data describing the health profile of refugee women by region of origin in the United States. It is important to monit
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Regardless of what Billie Joe and Woody think, people who consider themselves to be bisexual are really just straight people going through an "experimental phase" or trying to be "bi chic". Or they are gay people who are in denial. A person is either gay or straight - this stuff about straddling both sides of the fence is nonsense.
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